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                        • SU10R Polyurethane knife gate valve

                        SU10R Polyurethane knife gate valve




                        True bi-directional flow and shut-off, allowing it to be installed in either direction.

                        Unique one-piece, precision molded high strength polyurethane liner protects the wetted parts, from corrosion and abrasion. It is field replaceable in all sizes, no need to return to factory for repair.

                        The liner has integral flange seals eliminating the need for flange gaskets in most cases.

                        The liner has integral sealing beads to support and wipe slurry from the gate, minimizing deflection and improving packing life.

                        It can replace conventional and short pattern slurry knife gate valves. As a true pressure vessel valve the SU10R does not discharge to atmosphere when cycled.

                        Compact two piece split body construction for easy maintenance.

                        Testing as per MSS SP-81

                        Fully rated 316 stainless steel gate, with optional 17-4 ph to provide improved abrasion resistance against the rigors of abrasive applications.

                        Full round port and seat design offers low pressure drop across valve and longer service life in abrasive applications.

                        Designed to be a repairable asset, lower the cost of ownership.

                        Inverted self-aligning gland box allows for easier setup and longer packing life.

                        Complies with MSS SP-81 face-to-face dimensions.

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